When your business is involved in contracts – particularly with several external parties – it’s not easy to keep track of every aspect of the engagement. Sometimes you need to check that the contracts are being fulfilled correctly, that products and services are being charged at the correct rate, and that all the obligations are being met to ensure a better outcome and greater value for money is achieved by all parties.

Accurate, complete and performance: when you fall short of those standards, you’re exposing your engagement and business to risk. That’s when SME Assurance comes in. Shelley Keery and the team at SME are able to do all those checks on your behalf – on time and on budget. We can help you strengthen your financial position, improve your contract negotiation skills and get more out of every engagement.  We also work with both public and private sector organisations to assist in optimising transaction outcomes when working on major infrastructure projects.

SME Assurance provides you with an independent safeguard against unnecessary risks and losses. Assurance specialist Shelley Keery has been a Chartered Accountant for 25 years and has worked specifically in assurance and auditing for 14 years. Shelley has done assurance work for major clients including NZTA, Fulton Hogan and Fletchers, and worked on significant projects such as the Waterview Tunnel, the Waitangi Wharf replacement, Mackays to Peka Peka Crossing, Wellington Memorial Park and the Christchurch rebuild. She loves finding ways to help clients tweak their business practices and improve their contracts – as well as making sure they’re getting the most out of their existing engagements.

If you need assurance that your contracts and engagements are being applied accurately, completely and comprehensively, give Shelley a call or drop her a note, shelley@smefinancial.co.nz.