16 ways to kickstart 2016

Get 2016 off to a rip-roaring start with these 16 tips for maximising your year:

1.     Forecast. Do a cashflow forecast to help you put targets in place for the year.

2.     Set milestones. Shorter-term goals will let you keep track of your targets more easily.

3.     Delegate. Ask yourself: “What tasks could I hand to someone else so I can be more efficient?”

4.     Go mobile. Around 40% of all New Zealand web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets; is your website mobile ready?

5.     Network. Find opportunities to meet fellow business owners and talk to them about what you do.

6.     Invest. At work or personally, make any surplus income work as hard as possible.

7.     Rank your clients. Treasure the A-listers and consider giving the D-listers the push.

8.     Talk to your team. Whether it’s staff members, contractors or even clients, the other people with an interest in your business can provide you with a valuable point of view when it comes to goal-setting and business development.

9.     Consult the cloud. Is there an app for that? You might be surprised at what you can manage via the cloud these days, whether it’s HR, payroll, trust management, quoting or something as simple as building an infographic about your business.

10.  Review. When was the last time you did an employee performance review? They can nip problems in the bud and drive productivity.

11.  Stay industry fresh. Is there a trade conference you can attend? Some TED talks relevant to your field? At the very least, subscribe to some online industry blogs.

12.  Review your pricing. Are you still charging the same prices as you were in January last year – or the year before that?

13.  Review your spending. Are you leaking money each month on unnecessary expenses? Are you failing to invest in the right advice?

14.  Chase receivables. Make 2016 the year of no arrears.

15.  Take the pressure off at home. Consider hiring someone else to mow the lawns, clean the house or complete those half-finished DIY projects. You’ll be more relaxed at home and more energised at work.

16.  Take a holiday. Most business owners find it hard to take a break. Book a holiday now and commit to taking some time off – you’ll come back rejuvenated and ready to be more productive.

By Sarah Fellingham.