Do you need a financial sounding board?

Looking for someone to bounce your ideas off? Hoping to make smart financial decisions and avoid the pitfalls? These aren’t the questions you should be asking your friends and family members, unless they really know their stuff. This is where your virtual CFO comes in seriously handy.

“…Roughly 50% of small businesses don’t make it past the five-year mark. While there are several reasons for business failure, many small businesses simply aren’t making the wisest financial decisions,” according to Xero. “Unfortunately, most small firms can’t afford an in-house finance head to help navigate the dark art of accounting and finance. Nor do they want to. They’d rather be running the business, talking to customers and drumming up that next sale. They need the help of an accounting professional more than ever.”

That accounting professional can be your virtual CFO, helping you understand all the potential financial ramifications when you’re making decisions for your business. We can talk you through the short-term costs, the long-term outcomes and how long it will take for your expenditure to pay for itself. We can analyse the numbers and look for potential upsides – or downsides – you may not have considered.

Bounce your ideas off your virtual CFO to help you grow sustainably – not too fast, not too slowly. We can talk to you about how to fund your growth, whether it’s from the business or via a loan or a new investor. We can run a cost-benefit analysis and talk you through the ways we’ve worked with other clients to make similar decisions, and what the results were. And don’t forget we understand the tax implications, so we can help you factor in any cost or savings in that department.

For just an hour or two each month, you’ve got your own chief financial officer to bounce ideas off and give you a fresh perspective on the bottom line. Because we have so many successful clients, growing hundreds of businesses across our books, SME can give you a broader outlook than you might get even with a dedicated CFO. It’s not always easy to make rational financial decisions when you’re so heavily invested in the day-to-day running of your organisation. A second pair of eyes – and ears – can be an invaluable tool in the growth of your company. Talk to us today about consulting with a virtual CFO.