A banner year


This has been a fantastic year for SME – we’re all about to go on our summer break and we’ve definitely earned it during 2018. The year started with a complete refit of our Mt Eden office, which really lifted the environment. The upstairs space has also had some attention, with our new tenants, the team from Cuisine magazine, moving in just before Christmas.

One of the biggest business changes has been launching SME Assurance Services. Shelley’s worked hard to build momentum with this side of the business and it’s beginning to pay off. We’ve got some excellent new clients who are going to help drive this side of the business in 2019.

 We’ve also expanded our client base, growing new customers entirely through word of mouth promotion. It’s a great way to get new clients because we know that our existing clients are happy enough to recommend us, which is a great feeling.

With almost all our clients now using Xero, it was exciting to be a finalist in the Xero awards for New Zealand Accounting Partner of the Year. Kunal went to the awards ceremony in Brisbane and it was a lot of fun, even though we didn’t take out the prize.

Toward the end of 2018, I became a Certified Value Builder, which means I now have access to a whole range of resources to help grow the value of your business and make it more saleable. I’m expecting to grow this side of the business more in the year ahead.

SME had a record month in November 2018, beating the previous record-setting months earlier in the year. This has been our best year ever – and that’s saying something since I’ve been running this company for over 30 years. So a huge thanks to the whole team at SME and all our fabulous clients.

Hopefully you’ve also had an excellent year in 2018 and together we can work toward an even better year in 2019.