Built to Sell: introducing the Value Builder System

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I’ve been a huge fan of John Warrilow’s since I read Built to Sell a couple of years ago – a book that shows you how to create “a business that can thrive without you”. I’ve been applying the principles of Built to Sell at SME Financial and in my client’s businesses, with great success. Personally, I’ve been gradually stepping back from working in my business, spending more time working on my business and more time with my family – but the business has a higher value than ever before. I believe that’s something every ambitious business owner should be striving for; it grows wealth, creates jobs and secures your financial future.

 Now, I’ve become a Certified Value Builder, so I can use John Warrilow’s Value Builder System to help my clients grow their wealth and build their businesses. SME Financial is one of only two Kiwi organisations offering this service and I’m the only Certified Value Builder in New Zealand who is also a Chartered Accountant.

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The Value Builder System is a proven methodology for increasing the value of any company, and it includes simple ideas and techniques that grow your business’s profitability and make it more saleable. Business with a Value Builder Score of over 80 get 71% higher sales prices than the average business in their industry (find out your Value Builder Score here). By meeting with business owners once a month, the Value Builder System works step-by-step on the eight drivers of company value:

  1. Financial performance

  2. Growth potential

  3. The Switzerland Structure: make your business independent

  4. The valuation teeter-totter: building stronger cashflow

  5. Recurring revenue

  6. Monopoly of control: marketing so you can control your pricing

  7. Customer satisfaction

  8. Hub and spoke: reducing your company’s dependence on you

The beauty of using this system is that it not only grows the value of your company, it releases you from “the owner’s trap”, where you do the selling and deal with the customers and the business starts to fall apart without you. If business always slows down when you’re away and customers always come to you with a problem, you’re stuck in the owner’s trap. The Value Builder System can help you escape from the trap, giving you more free time and reducing your stress.

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