Geoff Hamilton

Geoff specialises in helping people sell their businesses and plan for the next challenge.

Are you thinking about valuing or selling your business? 



Geoff Hamilton (B.Com, CA) finds inspiration in difficult situations, solving problems in a way that can change lives and save businesses:

"A very stressed business owner came to me with a serious problem: he owed his bank $700,000 and was unable to make his next payment. His existing accountant and his lawyer had both told him to give up his nearly-collapsing business - but if he gave up he would lose his house and everything he owned.

"I spent many hours looking at the company accounts, visiting the premises and talking to the owner. I was able to see what the other professionals hadn't taken the time to notice.  Simple, fixable problems were dragging down a good business: outstanding money not being collected, too much stock, too many staff members and a Hamilton branch that wasn't pulling its weight. 

"I worked with the client and his bank to totally restructure the business.  Money was freed up and costs were slashed, and 18 months later the bank debt was gone and business was booming.  My client told me many times that I had changed his life, and it's that kind of experience keeps me inspired.  I strive every day to find creative solutions and think laterally to find what others have missed and help my clients' businesses to perform in a way that enhances their lifestyle and improves their wealth."