Manisha Kesha


What's a virtual CFO? 

Manisha Kesha (B.Com, CA) applies expert analysis to promote clients' businesses, all over the world:

"I often need to prepare budgets and financial statements to help my clients present their businesses accurately and in a transparent way, sometimes to help a successful sale.  One of my clients was a national sporting body and needed to secure funding from its international body, in order to be able to host a World Cup event in New Zealand.

"By helping my client to collate all the right financial information, and then putting it all together into a clear, concise budget, we were able to obtain the funding needed. Then I helped to design a plan and our firm was engaged to supervise the cashflow management during the event.

"Afterwards, I prepared the final financials - and the great news was that as a result of the careful management of the cash flow we were able to report a good profit for the event.  For me it was a perfect example of how accounting can help a big event to succeed, which in turn can support New Zealand sports and tourism, and inspire organisers of such events to get thousands of young kiwis involved."