Whenever our business needs to adapt, I talk with Geoff and his team at SME. SME has come up with creative solutions and ways to help us cut and track our costs helping to improve profits, which has lead to significant growth for our business in 2013. They think outside the square, unlike a lot of accountants!
— Grant Hudson of Aironaut Customs Brokers
We’ve been delighted with the value for money we’ve had from SME Financial. It’s not only our accounts; we’ve also had business mentoring, cashflow projections and other services. Whenever we have a tax query or even a Xero coding question, there is someone available quickly on the phone to help answer it.
— Jasmine Hardy Mills of Part Time Professionals
I made the change to working with SME in 2009 and have never looked back. The main reason for the change is I needed to work with an accounting company that was focused on the future of the business while still looking after the past with reporting.
”The way that they have helped me not only with accounting advice but also on structure and a keen ear to listen to future plans and assist with this as well has been invaluable. I feel that both Satish and Geoff have helped guide my business through the tough GFC times and now know me and my business well and are invested in making sure that it works now and in the future.
— Jason Bardell of IBS Building Supplies

SME have been our accountants from the outset of our business. They have provided a seamless service with a very efficient staff and process that has taken care of all accounting and tax requirements. They have also proven to be more than capable of being involved in larger financial and strategic planning we have asked them to be involved with.
— Architect Jonathan Walker of JWA
The reason we chose SME, and the reason we stay with them, is that it’s more than just accounting. It’s also business development, which has been hugely important to my business, especially when it was brand new and just beginning to grow. My business is continuing to grow with help from SME - they look at all the aspects of the business and do cashflow forecasts, which have been a big help. I have been a client for five years and I’ve only ever dealt with three people - Geoff, Manisha and Yvette. They have been brilliant and I highly recommend SME. I’m happy for people to call me for a referral.
— Lee Clark of Child
SME Financial has assisted Turftech to restructure our business with the effective use of a trust and smart technology to assist in asset management. Geoff Hamilton has been very helpful during this process.
— Rob Briscoe of Turftech